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Educational Specialist

A new website for Bespeak. Education specialists that develop innovative learning solutions. Bert was asked to help them design and develop the new website.

Bespeak 1

The homepage gives direct access to all the different cases that are linked to the different markt segmentations for which Bespeak works. It is the central hub where Bespeak can highlight interested cases and approach new customers. This way visitors will be immediately convinced by the
knowledge and diversity Bespeak has to offer.

Bespeak 2
Bespeak 3

Every case on the website shows an interesting overview of the knowledge and the work Bespeak did for the client and also for each different markt segmentation. With publishing these cases, Bespeak is showing that, based on the question and the delivered work, they understood the wishes of the client and came up with a fitting and innovative solution.

Bespeak 4 2

The human aspect plays an important role on the website of Bepeak. Not only
for approaching the different target audiences but also for introduction the 'Bespeakers' themselves. Because at the end of the day, your company is only
as extraordinary as your people. 

Bespeak 5

Bespeak is since 2014 established in the 'Nieuwe Stad' in Amersfoort (the Netherlands). A monumental building that once upon a time was used as an factory for creating Hollands most famous toothpaste (Prodent). An inspiring place that served as inspiration through out the website.

Bespeak 6
Bespeak 7


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