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Breaking standards

Brothers and Sons is determined to create pioneering design in a timeless form using innovative and sustainable materials. Thanks to pure craftsmanship, courage and research, the at times seemingly impossible is made possible. Breaking the standards by stretching the boundaries of design and production.

Brothersnsons Case Image Berthouse

To show their work to the world, we built a website with the collection as an eye-catcher. 

Brotherssons 2

In order to emphasize the characteristics of the Brothers and Sons’ designs, we created a smooth and clean design.


Every product had to stand out and details shown, therefore products got their own landing page. Additionally, all products are displayed in 3D. Users can create customised models which are directly shown in 3D. This contributes to the user experience. The site is also responsive for every device. Awwwards praised the site with an ‘honorable mention!

Brothersandsons Page1
Brothersandsons Page3
Brothersandsons Image Wolfstreet Bert


Let’s go on an adventure together! Are you interested in a collaboration, partnership or do you just want to come by and say hello?