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Grow with Joblogic

Joblogic are established and recognised as a key player in service management software, a people company constantly striving to serve their loyal custom base. Joblogic needed a new branding, identity and overall presentation that represented its ethos. 

Joblogic 1

Following in-depth investigation with JobLogic, Bert created a completely new Identity. A full brand guideline was created, creating a foundation for all representation and communications to be built upon. These guidelines have since been put into action, with the creation of a website, campaign and events materials, and printed stationery.

Joblogic 2

Bert and JobLogic continue to work together on this ever-developing brand, with further exploration into the use of their brand, as well as the usability and aesthetics of their software products.

Joblogic 3
Joblogic 4
Joblogic Web 2
Joblogic Web
Joblogic Visual 2
Joblogic Mobile
Joblogic Visual


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