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Sell your own house

Kaboodle is a new place where you can sell or buy your house. Who knows the house and neighborhood better than you? Kaboodle focuses on the social factor of selling and buying a house. How is the neighborhood, what are the pros, who are your neighbors? kaboodle is the new way to making this process more personal.

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The friendliness of Kaboodle must be visible at a glance. Friendly colors, illustrations and photography provide an accessible look. Own texts and profile pictures from sellers. They are the key within the selling proces.

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The user interface is optimized for all devices. Filters and map display re-arrange in different ways in order to maintain the best possible user-friendliness.

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Selling a house is not something you do every day. Therefore Kaboodle helps you. On the website you can find tips & tricks. Additionally Kaboodle also offers a wide range of services. Photography, video, window board, valuation, everything that comes into play in order to sell your house.

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Let’s go on an adventure together! Are you interested in a collaboration, partnership or do you just want to come by and say hello?